Posh Crackers - Truffles, Basket, Scourer

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Posh Crackers - Truffles, Basket, Scourer

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Our Christmas recycled kraft paper cracker sets come flat packed with 6 x stamped crackers (there are 3 designs and they will be selected at random unless specified in notes), 6 x snaps, 6 x kraft card hats (can be decorated and also flat packed to be reused next year) and 3.6m of jute or twine to tie the bows (30cm per bow).

You may want to use a little bit of tape to secure the snap. Assemble and fill the crackers with 6 unqiue and usefuls gifts for each member at the dinner table!

Gifts include

2x TCK Upcycled Hessian scourer

Upcycled Handmade TCK Cleaning Pad made from hessian coffee sacks.

2x 3pcs Chocbox vegan truffles

Artisan Vegan Truffles (3pcs) in hand painted presentation box. Handmade by Chocbox, Bristol.

Info from supplier: No dairy, made without gluten, no refined sugar, plastic free treats.

Ingredients: Salted Caramel: 44.8% Raw Criollo Cacao Butter, 27.6% Raw Criollo Cacao Powder,27.6% Natural Date Syrup. For the centre: 45% Natural Date Syrup, 30% Caromel Cashew from Nutcessity (CASHIEWS, coconut, pumpkin seeds, carob, pink salt), 25% Organic Coconut Oil. Topped with unrefined crystal sea salt.
Roasted walnuts: 44.8% Criollo Cacao Butter, 27.6% Criollo Cacao Powder, 27.6% Natural Date Syrup For the centre: Nutcessity Salted Date & Walnut nut butter 20% roasted walnuts toasted coconut flakes, 20% sunflower seeds, dried dates, 20% natural agave syrup, 20% coconut oil and unrefined pink Himalayan crystal salt.

Allergy Information: All chocolates made in an environment containing nuts, sesame, soya, dairy and gluten

Our chocolates are Slavery And Child Labour Free. We are on recommended ethical chocolate list from foodispower organization. Totally guilty free pleasure.

EcoLiving Tea Basket

EcoLiving Tea Basket is a reusable tea bag alternative perfect for brewing loose tea leaves and reducing waste. It’s easier than most to clean, load and unload as its hinged top completely opens. It’s the perfect size to fit into most standard containers like mugs or mason jars.